TenacIT Partnership Program

Our Partners

Whatever we do, we will do well. Everything else? Partners.

We learned a long time ago that, even though we want to, we can’t do everything.  We are not oceanic treasure hunters.  We don’t build hot air balloons.  We don’t give bubble baths to baby monkeys. 

What we do, we do well.  We have trusted business partners and suppliers for everything else.

"The Services and Solutions that TenacIT provides are done better than most companies. What services we don't provide...well...we have partners who are industry experts for that."

Our Partners are a selection of companies that we (the owners and employees of TenacIT, LLC) use day in and day out.  The list includes companies that have been deemed “best of breed” not only by ourselves but also by several of our clients. What you will not see in Our Partners list are companies that we can not provide a first hand reference for.  While we do have some biases, we do not have loyalty to any particular brand and treat all of them as tools in a tool box.

Thank You!

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Think through these questions before your call to help us recommend the right solution.

  • What do you need the solution to achieve?
  • What is your timeline for completion?
  • What is your budget?
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Technology Issue?
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