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  • P&G turns to AI to create digital manufacturing of the future 2022-09-30
    Over the past 184 years, The Procter & Gamble Co. (P&G) has grown to become one of the world’s largest consumer goods manufacturers, with worldwide revenue of more than $76 billion in 2021 and more than 100,000 employees. Its brands are household names, including Charmin, Crest, Dawn, Febreze, Gillette, Olay, Pampers, and Tide. In summer […]
  • How CIOs can help reduce supply chain anxieties 2022-09-30
    Many view today’s supply chains as true marvels of modern existence — push a button and a desired object is delivered to one’s doorstep. Others see modern supply chains disrupting local economies and damaging the environment. Massively complex, interdependent, and subject to disruptions, supply chains were, for the most part just a few years ago, […]
  • Re-Tooling Your Way to a More Efficient Enterprise 2022-09-30
    To create a more efficient and streamlined enterprise, businesses often find themselves tempted to bring in brand new systems that promise major improvements over the status quo. This can be a viable strategy in some cases – and it will impress stakeholders that prefer to shake things up. But it comes at a cost. Swapping […]
  • Lack of inclusive culture is driving UK youth from tech jobs 2022-09-29
    Businesses must prioritise fostering an inclusive company culture in order to improve the professional experiences of young tech workers from underrepresented groups, according to Wiley Edge’s second annual ‘Diversity in Tech’ report. The report is based on a survey that asked UK respondents about their perceptions of the technology industry, to establish what is currently […]
  • How To Overcome the Top 4 Value Stream Management Obstacles 2022-09-29
    While the benefits of Value Stream Management (VSM) are significant, many organizations are struggling to realize its full potential.  To examine why, we’ve collaborated with the VSM Consortium on a new report, “The State of Value Stream Management 2022.” This report draws on an extensive survey to reveal where organizations are in their VSM journeys […]
  • Building Blocks for Data Democratization 2022-09-29
    Data-driven brick house, or house of modern tech cards? The origin of winning insights? Sometimes, it’s an individual at your organization. Other times, insights come from cross-team collaboration. No matter the human catalyst for the breakthrough, it all starts with your data. You need to empower your people, across technical and non-technical users, with equal […]
  • Aligning Teams Around Data and Security 2022-09-29
    Data Governance that Works for the CISO and CDAO More than ever, Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and Chief Data & Analytics Officers (CDAOs) need to join forces around governance. Traditionally, the CISO needed to be concerned with perimeter security, not data directly. And the CDAO, usually could assume that others, mainly in IT, were […]
  • Unlock Data-Driven Value with Data Security 2022-09-29
    The Keys to Become a Data-Driven Organization Only 26.5% of organizations say they’ve reached their goals of becoming a data-driven organization, according to NewVantage Partners’ Data and AI Leadership Executive Survey 2022. Astonishingly, this leaves three-quarters of those surveyed indicating they’ve not met their goals in this area. Fortunately, there are some bright points on […]
  • The Need For a Broad Data Security Governance Strategy 2022-09-29
    Modernizing and future-proofing your analytics Executive-level commitment to a broad data governance strategy is gaining momentum in order to balance technology, people, and processes. In a recent Gartner survey, 78% of CFOs said they will increase or maintain enterprise digital investments. And a Gartner forecast states worldwide IT spending will grow 3% in 2022. The […]
  • 6 Must-Haves in a Data Security Platform 2022-09-29
    Why it’s so important to unify your data access control You know you need to secure your company’s data. But there are countless data security tools and methods, and no one-size-fits-all for every enterprise. So, where do you start? A Data Security Platform (DSP) aggregates data protection requirements across data types, storage silos, and ecosystems, […]
  • What you need to know about IoT in enterprise and education 2022-09-29
    What you need to know about IoT in enterprise and education    In an era of data driven insights and automation, few technologies have the power to supercharge and empower decision makers like that of the Internet of Things (IoT).    As the adoption of IoT devices is expected to reach 24.1 billion by 2030, forward-thinking organisations […]
  • With Swiss Precision, Canton of Zurich Launches Lightning Quick Hiring Platform 2022-09-29
    It is said that Switzerland is a country where residents book appointments to do laundry in their own homes. In other words, they leave little for chance. But when the unexpected intruded on the mountain nation, the Canton – or state – of Zurich had to scramble to deal with the aftershock of the COVID […]
  • Why Managing Third-party Risk is Essential for Today’s CIO 2022-09-29
    Any organization that fails to take into consideration supply chain cybersecurity threats is putting itself at great risk. The fact is, a company can be impacted by incidents that emerge from virtually anywhere within the chain. That’s why third-party risk management has become so important. Managing third-party risk involves identifying and mitigating risks to an organization from […]
  • Best Practices for Risk Assessment Reporting 2022-09-29
    Managing risk is one of the top responsibilities of any leadership team. But leaders can manage only the risks they know about. Effective leadership, it turns out, depends on risk reporting. Reporting risks to your company’s executive team and board of directors will help your organization make the right decisions about reducing risks.  This article […]
  • Why Do I Love AI in the Contact Center? Let Me Count the Ways 2022-09-29
    Your contact center serves as a key gateway through which customers interact with your brand, so you want to ensure that each customer’s interaction is smooth, fast, and informative. They should not only achieve their desired outcomes but have a positive experience along the way – one that makes them want to come back.  That’s […]
  • Why Asset Management is the First Step in Cyber Hygiene 2022-09-29
    Your challenge: managing millions of dynamic, distributed, and diverse IT assets.  With globally distributed workforces and assets hiding in the shadows growing exponentially, maintaining a complete and accurate inventory of every IT asset and achieving real-time visibility at scale is more challenging than ever before. After all, to keep our doors and windows locked, we need to know how […]
  • The New Cybersecurity Motto: Trust is Not an Option 2022-09-29
    The discovery of the Log4j vulnerability in December 2021 is one of the more recent and prominent reminders of why cybersecurity teams need to implement a zero-trust security architecture. Not that they should need reminders. Incidents are happening every day, and some of them—such as ransomware attacks that impact entire supply chains—make the headlines. In the case […]
  • Data storytelling: A key skill for data-driven decision-making 2022-09-29
    To be a truly data-driven enterprise, organizations today must go beyond merely analyzing data. Rather, business experts and IT leaders must transform relevant data into compelling stories that key stakeholders can readily comprehend — and leverage to make better business decisions. This vital skill is known as data storytelling, and it is a key factor […]
  • CIO Sabina Ewing on leading intentionally 2022-09-29
    As global CIO and VP of business and technology services (BTS) for Chicago-based Abbott, Sabina Ewing’s IT work has helped facilitate a period of unprecedented growth for the global healthcare company over the past two years, including more than $45B in revenue in the past 12 months alone. Ewing is a visionary change leader and […]
  • An expanded attack surface: The cybersecurity challenges of managing a hybrid workforce 2022-09-29
    With the global pandemic upending the traditional way we work, employees across every market sector in New Zealand are now spending their workdays alternating between offices, their homes and other locations. It’s a hybrid work model that Kiwis have embraced and it is here to stay. At a recent CIO New Zealand roundtable event in […]
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