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  • Nvidia accelerates enterprise adoption of generative AI 2023-03-21
    As the generative AI bandwagon gathers pace, Nvidia is promising tools to accelerate it still further. On March 21, CEO Jensen Huang (pictured) told attendees at the company’s online-only developer conference, GTC 2023, about a string of new services Nvidia hopes enterprises will use to train and run their own generative AI models. When they […]
  • The Era of Multi-Cloud Services Has Arrived 2023-03-21
    Multi-cloud environments offer significant business benefits from increasing agility to improving efficiency. The challenge, however, is that each cloud sits in an isolated silo with its own development and operating model, taxonomy, services, APIs and management tools. This lack of consistency across clouds forces companies to manage their multi-cloud environments through a patchwork of off-the-shelf, […]
  • Why CISOs Are Looking to Lateral Security to Mitigate Ransomware 2023-03-21
    Findings from two eye-opening surveys conducted by VMware show that ransomware remains a top concern for enterprises worldwide. As IT and security leaders and chief information security officers (CISOs) look for answers, many are turning to deeper deployment and investment in lateral security tools. What is lateral security?  It leverages both access control and advanced […]
  • 4 Factors That Influence Modern App Success in a Multi-Cloud Environment 2023-03-21
    How are modern CIOs making an impact with multi-cloud? A recently released VMware report, “CIO Essential Guidance: Modernizing Applications in a Multi-Cloud World,” outlines these four key factors that influence success: Drive Developer Velocity The best applications are created by the most talented developers, so it’s crucial to attract and retain the best talent. Taking […]
  • 10 cloud mistakes that can sink your business 2023-03-21
    The cloud has changed the IT and business worlds forever, and generally for the better. But when misused or abused the cloud can backfire, leading to a serious business setback or, in a worst-case situation, long-term competitive damage. Ensuing proper cloud use is essential in today’s high-stakes, fast-paced business environment. Learn from the following 10 […]
  • Arvest Bank reskills IT to support its banking core refresh 2023-03-21
    When Arvest, a regional bank operating in Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma, hired Laura Merling as chief transformation and operations officer in 2021, one of the first things she changed was its digital transformation plan. The 60-year-old bank, formed from the successive mergers of 14 regional banks, was planning to launch a neobank, an online-only […]
  • Accenture acquires Flutura to boost industrial AI services 2023-03-21
    Accenture on Tuesday said that it was acquiring Flutura, an internet of things (IoT) and data science services firm, for an undisclosed sum to boost the industrial AI services that it sells under the umbrella of Applied Intelligence. The acquisition assumes significance as the Asia-Pacific region constitutes 70% of Accenture’s Applied Intelligence market, according to […]
  • Amazon to lay off 9,000 more workers, including some at AWS 2023-03-20
    Amazon will fire about 9,000 more workers from several business units, including AWS, in the coming weeks, according to a statement released today by company CEO Andy Jassy. The announcement comes two months after Amazon unveiled plans to lay off 18,000 employees. In his official statement, Jassy said that most of the layoffs in this […]
  • What’s next for network operations 2023-03-20
    By Serge Lucio, Vice President and General Manager, Agile Operations Division This is a continuation of Broadcom’s blog series: 2023 Tech Trends That Transform IT.  Stay tuned for future blogs that dive into the technology behind these trends from more of Broadcom’s industry-leading experts. Enterprise networks are undergoing a profound transformation. These changes are being […]
  • Digital transformation obstacles: Stubborn challenges, what to do about them 2023-03-20
    The transformation imperatives In recent years, global enterprises have gone through tectonic shifts, responding to massive changes in their societal, competitive, and geopolitical realities. These trends have had many consequences, but they’ve all served to intensify a key imperative: rapid digital transformation. While progress has been made, many organizations still have a lot of work […]
  • CEO directives: Top 5 initiatives for IT leaders 2023-03-20
    CIO Talvis Love has weathered a tsunami of rapid and significant changes at Baxter International over the past year — with little reprieve in sight. In late 2021, the med tech company completed the $12.4 billion acquisition of Hillrom, the largest in its history, to expand the company’s digital health and connected care offerings. While […]
  • Topgolf Callaway tees up digital transformation for global expansion 2023-03-20
    At Topgolf Callaway Brands, digital transformation has been a key enabler of strategic growth and expansion, laying the foundation for the company’s future. Ely Callaway Jr. founded the company in 1982, buying Hickory Stick USA golf clubs after that maker started running low on funds. In 1986, the company released the Big Bertha driver using […]
  • Signals from space: SD-WAN marks the next stage in commercialized space-based comms 2023-03-17
    Despite popular belief, most of today’s smartphones don’t connect directly with satellites orbiting our planet. The vast majority connect to nearby cell towers rooted in the earth. For the everyday consumer, space-based communications are largely limited to phone packages for use during localized emergencies when network coverage is down, or on remote camping trips via […]
  • Building your own web application platform is locking you in 2023-03-17
    Organizations have been transitioning away from legacy, monolithic platforms as these decades-old IT systems bog down management, flexibility, and agility with their tightly entangled components. CIOs have shifted toward building their own web application platforms with a set of best-in-class tools for more flexibility, customizations, and agile DevOps. This choice, however, isn’t right in all […]
  • 7 ways to help your neurodiverse team deliver its best work 2023-03-17
    Technology work attracts neurodivergent people. So if you are leading a tech team, it’s likely that someone in your crew may be on the autism spectrum (ASD), be living with ADHD, or have an auditory processing disorder, learning disability, or other mental difference. Without the right accommodations, many neurodiverse professionals can struggle and, eventually, leave. […]
  • A CIO’s 10-part guide to personal branding 2023-03-17
    In addition to showcasing your executive experience and accomplishments, effective and targeted personal branding can demonstrate thought leadership and expertise within specific domain areas, as well as make a statement about your core values, character, and attitude. It can also help you move roles, whether from an operational “keep the lights on” CIO position to […]
  • KPN CloudNL: providing customers with full say and control over their data and applications 2023-03-16
    KPN, the largest infrastructure provider in the Netherlands, offers a high-performance fixed-line and mobile network in addition to enterprise-class IT infrastructure and a wide range of cloud offerings, including Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Security-as-a-Service. Drawing on its extensive track record of success providing VMware Cloud Verified services and solutions, KPN is now one of a distinguished […]
  • Private 5G and edge computing: a perfect match for manufacturing 2023-03-16
    Private 5G is the next evolution of networking for mission-critical applications used in factories, logistics centers and hospitals. In fact,  any environment that needs the reliability, security and speed of a wired connection combined with the movement of people, things and data. The element of movement is often a factor in Industry 4.0 digital transformation – […]
  • What an IT career will look like in 5 years 2023-03-16
    While crystal ball technology is notoriously fallible, tech leaders say there are a handful of changes to IT work that we’ll likely see half a decade from now. IT pros will work in environments that are more task-based than position-based, experts say, relying more on automation and AI, and using tools that are increasingly portable […]
  • CTO Dwayne Allen on delivering transcendent business impact 2023-03-16
    Dwayne Allen is an ORBIE-award winning technology executive primed for times like these. Equipped with experiences across a range of industries, a healthy dose of self-awareness, and a passion for learning and people, Allen is redefining the art of the possible as a strategic and innovative CTO. In his current role as senior vice president […]
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