Data Analytic Solutions

Big Data Visualizations and Advanced Reporting

Are you collecting more data than you know what to do with?

Does your maintenance department have the ability to determine if equipment is falling out of spec…in real-time?  Are you able to calculate profit and loss on an asset by asset basis?  Is your data siloed into each individual department with little to no data sharing?
Let TenacIT help you gain real-time, unbiased insights into your business operations and finances with security based reports and dashboards.

Data Analytics

Companies regularly spend tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars acquiring and investing in their business. Millions more are spent every year on data, specialized employees, engineers and countless other staff, software and instrumentation, all supporting the organization’s desire to maximize profits. Even with all of this investment, very often efficiencies are lost in the hustle and bustle of daily activity, and key indicators that could improve or maintain profitability are missed as priorities shift.

TenacIT leverages the latest analytic technologies and data compilation strategies to help highlight inefficiencies and visualize trends, predict failures and assist your organization in achieving that optimal top and bottom line.

Advanced Business Analytics & Intelligence Services

Many times, data needs to be gathered from multiple sources in order to provide true insight into a question. Land departments may not exactly know wat is within SCADA, Accounting may not have access to land records or drilling reports, operations usually do not have access to accounting systems and so on. TenacIT sits in the middle of those departments working with each system to tease out the information that each department needs.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is the use of statistics and machine learning methods to predict future outcomes. The objective is to use historical data to predict what might happen in future. Predicting when wells will start to decline, what the decline rate will be and at what point should they move up the whole or change lift mechanisms has been the question for every oil and gas company since well production was tracked. Extracting the optimal flow rate based on oil prices and costs in real time is important, but we strive to provide that information in advance. Wells, pumps, compressors, pipeline flow rates can all be modeled and have analytics driven against them in order to predict failures, declines, or maintenance needs. This is the goal that TenacIT strives for in all of its business.

Data Visualization

It is often impossible to see trends in a spreadsheet filled with data buried in rows and columns. It is also often impossible to see trends on graphs that have more than 10 or so lines of similar data. Data visualization is as much an art as it is a science. Determining what the correct visualization should be is important to telling a story or highlighting adverse trends. Our report specialists can help you organize your thoughts and produce reports that can be drilled down into in order to acquire information quickly and intuitively.

Data Validation Assurance

Questions often arise after a report or application is built as to if the data being presented is correct. It is also often difficult to walk through the code used to build the reports after the fact which would verify if the data is being presented correctly. While it is not a common occurrence, should you find yourself questioning the data your seeing and wish to have a second set of eyes while validating the data, TenacIT is happy to help. One report or 1000…we can help.

KPI Derivation

A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a measurable value that demonstrates how effectively a company is achieving key business objectives. Organizations use KPIs to evaluate their success at reaching targets, but many do not know how to reliably produce reports against that data or in some cases how to acquire the data itself in an unbiased and consistent way. TenacIT works with your organization to define the KPI metric that is set, determine where the data source is and then create an independent report to measure against. Production rates, tank inventory levels, sales, G&A…whatever the case maybe we can help to hold everyone to their goals without fear of personal interests affecting the answer.

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