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Comprehensive services for residential and small business customers.

We offer a lot of different services, from Cyber Security to Remote Help Desk Support.  Just cause you don’t see your specific need listed, doesn’t mean we can’t help.  I mean…maybe it means we can’t, but it probably just means we left it off the list.

Only way to find out…give us a call and talk to a Nerd.

TenacIT Services​

From user end-points such as laptops, desktops and smartphones to servers, virtualization, cloud computing and IT optimization. Our IT services are provided by an engineering team that is not only highly skilled, but constantly upgrading their own certifications in the dynamic and ever-changing technology field to better serve you.

We are not just security advocates. We are Cyber-security Zealots!

Great support is one that you automatically assume will fix the problem.

System Patches, Firmware Updates, Application Upgrades

We know there are folks who still like to touch their data...uh...hmm.

No desks, file cabinets, tables or boxes. Just the technology stuff please.

You will figure it out eventually OR you can just ask for help.

We complete the projects you don't have time to complete yourself.

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Looking For a Little More Information?

With the unlimited combinations of infrastructure components and software systems, there are many ways that cyber attackers can access your data. This makes technology your greatest tool while also making it your most vulnerable asset. TenacIT will work with you to protect your assets, putting into place security protocols that reduce the risk to your infrastructure and systems. We employ a layered security practice that shields your data from the first key card swipe to the last data-center backup. Our analysis services will evaluate your current procedures and assess any risks that may currently exist.

  • Gap & Risk Analysis
  • Compliance Support & Policy Testing
  • Security Information Event Management (SIEM)
  • Critical Asset Protection
  • Advanced Malware Protection and Detection
  • Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection (AETD)
  • Server/Workstation Security Patching

TenacIT understands the stresses that can come with technology, and that’s why our team offers Help Desk Services to assist with general issues and elevate help desk support to a new level. Whether you are needing a fully-staffed On-Site team to support all your IT needs or the occasional staff augmentation for intermittent projects, we have the knowledge and expertise to propel your technology into the future. With 24-hour support backed by expert guidance and after-hours critical support, our professional team is available to respond to your issues whenever they arise. Moreover, our Urgent Incident Response Services bring you the support you need when incidents occur to keep you on track and connected.

  • On-Site & Off-Site Support
  • Technology Issue Resolution
  • Urgent Incident Response
  • After-Hours Critical Support

Information technology is intertwined into every department within a company, regardless of its size. A company’s IT needs can range from simple infrastructure and occasional maintenance to complex global operations with remote facilities requiring continuous monitoring and troubleshooting. Even companies with large-scale IT departments require expertise beyond the basics and their success is dependent on an end-to-end understanding of infrastructure and software and how technology can advance the needs of the business. TenacIT’ team of IT experts offer an extensive background in all aspects of IT, creating a full package of services for companies of all sizes. From the design and installation of critical infrastructure, optimization of existing systems and experience in cyber security, TenacIT can supplement or augment your current IT operations.

  • Server Administration
  • Network Administration & Optimization

Picking the right migration strategy is key to getting the very best out of the cloud. A smart approach ensures you can accelerate innovation, boost efficiency, and build competitive advantage. TenacIT will obtain insights into your operation for better assessment and planning. We will understand application usage and requirements and build a plan that minimizes business disruptions during the migration.​

  • Pre-Migration Planning
  • Migration Execution
  • Post-Migration Optimization
  • Post-Migration Support

While we may be known for moving computers, monitors and other equipment, we also specialize in office moving logistic services for businesses of all sizes in every industry. We can assist with scheduling and managing corporate office movers and partners and will assess, plan, implement, and execute office moves and relocation projects without limitations.

  • Pre-Move Logistics
  • Office Move Management
  • Post-Office Move Management
  • Extended Support

Every project has that one task that no one on your team knows how to do. Whether it is a complex report, a SCADA modification, whatever…TenacIT is purpose built to fill knowledge gaps in your team. But we don’t just complete the job and leave…well we kind of do, but before we leave, we make sure your team is up to speed as to how we completed the task so that knowledge gap is filled. We are not saying your people will be experts, but at least they will understand what went into doing the job.

  • Task Completion
  • Skill Fulfillment
  • Training

Most companies don’t need a full time CIO / VP of IT / IT Director…etc. Most just need a good System Administrator to handle the day to day, and a Temporary CIO to come in to make sure things are going according to plan.
If you find yourself in a situation where you need a SENIOR, but temporary CIO, TenacIT’s vCIO may be your best option. Our vCIOs all have 20+ years in IT leadership and come equipped to hit the door running. Don’t spend 300K+ on someone you need a few weeks out of the year. Call in a TenacIT vCIO.

  • IT Project Planing
  • Annual Budgeting
  • Vetting and Hiring IT Staff
  • Large Project Management

TenacIT Vanguard (Special Tools and Tactics Team)

Pardon our french, but when the Chips Hits The Fan, the last thing you want, is to start searching the internet for help. TenacIT's Special Tools and Tactics (STAT) team is purpose built to drop everything and head your way. Whether it is a major network outage, a SCADA patch gone wrong, cyber-security breach or anything else that has brought you to this page, TenacIT can help.

  • Immediate Remote Triage
  • Advanced On-Site Support Team
  • Incident Management
  • Diagnostics and Investigation
  • Incident Recovery
  • Post Incident Report and Recommendations

What Our Clients Say

“We are a small bakery and don’t need or want a full time IT staff.  I love that I can just call TenacIT, whenever I need something and they just fix it.  The “Nerds” are professional and are able to fix most of my problems over the phone.”

Meredith, Angelica Chocolate Company

“The guys over at TenacIT are great.  Very professional.  Very courteous and prompt.  It is rare that I have to call since they monitor our systems, but when something comes up, they jump all over it.”

Avery, US Archery Supply

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