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We'll take care of the nerd stuff, you take care of the Nerds.

We know you don’t care why your computer isn’t working, just like we don’t care why we are sick.  We both just want everything working the way we expect it to.

From large physician groups and doctor’s offices to physical therapy facilities and alternative medicine clinics.  TenacIT services and solutions are designed to keep you concentrating on your patients, while we concentrate on your computers.

Healthcare Industry Services and Solutions

Do you get irritated around certain computer equipment?  Perhaps their is a persistent whining sound coming from your staff.  Are you having a hard time tracking your patient records?  All of these can be signs of Poor-IT-Assistance or PITA.  PITA, also referred to as I-Need-A-Nerd, is a non life threatening condition which may cause high blood pressure, a temporary form of Coprolalia (involuntary swearing or utterance of obscene words) and a nearly uncontrollable desire to smash things. If left untreated, these conditions may increase or become dangerous to your wallet.

Fortunately there is a cure.  TenacIT (Ten-Ass-ih-Tea).  TenacIT has been shown to reduce blood pressure and that constant irritation you get from computer systems.  In most cases TenacIT can eliminate all symptoms of PITA after just a few days of treatment.  With TenacIT you will experience the sensation of managing and running your practice without the worry of IT.  TenacIT can help with:

  • Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Solutions
  • Patient Hard Copy Digitization, Storage and Archival/Destruction
  • Clinic and Office Technical Support Services
  • Tele-Medicine Solutions
  • Patient Analytics
  • Multi-Clinic Interoperability
  • Phone Solutions (VOIP)
  • New Employee On-Boarding Support

While this is all fun, TenacIT does have some real world experience in the healthcare industry, primarily from our exposure to Houston and the Texas Medical Center.  Houston, Texas is home to the world famous Texas Medical Center.  The Texas Medical Center is the world’s largest group of research and healthcare institutions and is comprised nearly 65 member health care organizations focused upon improving patient and preventative care, education, research, and local, national, and global public health and wellness. The Texas Medical Center employs one of the very largest health care work forces, numbering over 375,000 individuals. As a leader in the industry, Houston is home to the world’s best medical schools, cancer care clinics, psychiatric treatment centers, air emergency services, and long term acute care providers in the U.S. And according to the Texas Medical Board, 19,493 physicians are licensed in the Houston region.

We mention this, not to brag about our home town, but to help explain our level of understanding when it comes to the healthcare industry. While these numbers are impressive, TenacIT concentrates our business on the small to medium sized practices around the country.  Large hospital systems have dedicated IT staff supporting their thousands of employees, but we’re guessing that you here because you are not a major hospital system, in one of the largest cities in the world.

If you or someone from your practice would like a free consultation, we would be happy to schedule a time to discuss your symptoms…pain points…uh, technology challenges.  The call is 100% free and who knows, maybe we can actually help.  What we do know is, much like medical issues, the longer you wait, the more you regret not asking a professional sooner.  Don’t make the same mistake your patients do.  Give TenacIT a call today.

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