About TenacIT

The Who, What When Where and Why

My high school English teacher would be proud.

According to my High School English teacher, a story can only be considered complete if it answers these questions:
  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Where
  • Why

So, here is our story.

Our History

TenacIT, LLC (pronounced Ten-Ass-Ih-Tea) was formed in late 2020, following the acquisition of Houston based Oilfield Analytics.  Backed by private equity firm Immix Investments, TenacIT is building a brand focused on:

  • Providing enterprise class IT services to small and mid-sized businesses
  • Serving those in the under-served communities and non-profits 
  • Assisting organizations with services they are not equipped to provide for themselves

TenacIT’s focus on small organizations of all types, has allowed a rapid expansion of services and solutions. We will strive to be an integral partner to our clients, providing enterprise class technology solutions for those with a small business budget.

Our Future

TenacIT will strive to be an instrumental part of our client’s businesses by leveraging our experience and partnerships in order to provide the best, economical technology solutions available. As our customer base continues to grow, so does our company, expanding our service offerings to better serve our customers. Our company and our franchise owners aim to not only earn the opportunity to work with prospective customers but to continue to nourish our relationships with current customers by living up to our promise of excellence in every form.

Mission / Vision / Values

TenacIT’s mission is to provide enterprise class IT services to small and mid-sized businesses, under-served communities, non-profit organizations and start-ups across the US. The TenacIT vision is to be the recognized leader of end-to-end technology solutions and support in North America. TenacIT emphasizes five core values and encourages all employees, franchise owners, management, and representatives to adhere to them. TenacIT values:

  • Safety & Reliability – We strive at all times to maintain and promote a culture of safety in our workplace and put safety for our employees, clients, and
    environment above all else. Our products and services must be reliable to promote safety.
  • Diversity – We celebrate the diversity within our company and our clients and seek to leverage their individuality in our services, offering our clients a
    broad range of solutions.
  • Technology – Our work strives to advance technology and our clients’ competitive edge by applying innovative solutions to common issues.
  • Efficiency –A key competitive advantage for TenacIT is our efficiency, both as a service integrator and within the products that we provide our clients.
  • Proactivity – We may not always succeed at being proactive in every aspect of our business, but that won’t be for lack of trying. We will always do our
    best to be the first to know, the first to understand and the first to reach out. Proactivity will always be better than reactivity.
  • Tenacity – Tenacity is defined as “the quality or fact of being very determined” or “the quality or fact of continuing to exist”.  These  are cornerstones of our business and the reason for the name.  At TenacIT you will never hear, “I can’t”.  We will stay until the job is done right, even if we lose money to achieve that goal.


TenacIT strives to minimize our environmental impact by implementing environmentally-minded practices. Our primary environmental goals for the company include:
  • Conducting operations in a manner that aims to protect the environment
  • Considering environmental safety when designing and engineering our solutions
  • Providing solutions that aid our clients in reducing their environmental impact
  • Requiring environmentally responsible practices from suppliers and sub-contractors

This policy is communicated to all personnel. TenacIT currently participates in the following activities to reinforce our environmental goals:
  • Designing and engineering solutions that assist with reducing or eliminating environmental impact by our clients, such as leak detection products and
    alarm management applications
  • Encourage our staff to use and purchase energy star-compliant hardware whenever possible
  • Purchasing supplies made of recycled materials when possible
  • Presenting personnel with the option to recycle paper and plastic within the office environment
  • Encourage conservation of energy whenever possible
  • And encouraging personnel to participate in volunteer activities that benefit our society and environment in their spare time


The foundational services of our business (Analytics, SCADA, IT, Automation, Help Desk, etc.) and our employees may seem far from Health, Safety or Environmental concerns. Our employees won’t find themselves in confined work spaces. It is rare that many of our team will ever find themselves exposed to falling objects, asbestos abatement or near misses. And IT systems don’t typically leak re-portable quantities of…anything. That said, all of our customers face these challenges every day and the TenacIT team takes pride in our ability to mitigate, alert, and in many cases prevent HSE situations from happening. Analytics can predicatively notify of an asset’s failure before it ever occurs. SCADA systems can automatically alert and shut facilities down, even when those facilities are hard to reach. Technology advancements in automation allows for unprecedented controls which keep staff out of harm’s way and away from potentially hazardous materials.  So even though TenacIT is not directly responsible for HSE issues, our clients are. If we intend on being an integral part of their business, then we will attempt to go above and beyond their safety standards when providing our services.  Accidents are inevitable, but TenacIT will do our part to, do no harm.

Where We Serve

From West Texas to the Atlantic Coast, Denver to Orlando and just about everywhere in between.

Primary Markets:

San Antonio, Texas
Austin, Texas
Dallas, Texas
Houston, Texas

Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Lafayette, Louisiana
New Orleans, Louisiana

Jackson, Mississippi

Denver, Colorado

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Little Rock, Arkansas

Birmingham, Alabama
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Montgomery, Alabama
Mobile, Alabama

Pensacola, Florida
Tallahassee, Florida
Jacksonville, Florida
Orlando, Florida

Atlanta, Georgia
Savannah, Georgia

Cheyenne, Wyoming
Casper, Wyoming


Why choose a career with TenacIT? Because we believe in creating a work environment of mutual trust, respect, inclusion and diversity. A place where everyone knows what’s expected of them in their jobs and offers assistance at every opportunity.  We are a work hard, Play Harder organization that encourages a healthy work life balance.  Interested in being a Nerd?  Click here.

Franchise Opportunities

TenacIT is an emerging franchise, providing IT services and support, computer sales, and repair to both residential and commercial customers. Our emphasis is on providing solutions that provide amazing recurring revenue to our franchise owners.  If you are an established small IT solutions provider and are interested in expanding your business, feel free to contact us to discuss franchise availability in your area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For Small Businesses we offer a flat rate of $75/hour for general IT services.  These services include technical support and system maintenance for your entire company.  Details about our small business rates can be found on our Pricing Page.

For Mid-Sized Businesses we anticipate more specialized requirements and so our price list for services is available on our Pricing Page.

TenacIT is Headquartered in Houston, Texas and our primary footprint is along the Gulf Coast region from Texas to Florida.  We also provide services to clients in Oklahoma and Arkansas. 

That said, we are willing to help anyone, anywhere.  We may just have to rely on a local partner for issues that require immediate “hands on” services. 

So give us a call.  We will do what we can to help and it won’t cost you a thing to talk to us.  What have you got to lose?

Absolutely.  One of the things we do best is offload some of the burden your IT team has to deal with.  We find most IT folks, have a full time work load, but still want things like sleep, a vacation, or a sick day now and then.  That’s were we can step in and help. 

We also provide specialized services that your IT team may not have in house.  While they are undoubtedly skilled, not everyone can know everything.

Yes and No.  Our primary focus is on companies that do not have an IT department or has a very small one that may need specialized assistance for projects and after hours support. 

That said, we are a business too and tuning down business, is the best way to go out of business.  So yes, we are always willing to discuss your technology needs regardless of your company’s actual size.  Even if we can not directly help, we are willing to help you source a reputable service provider.

While there are some very specific Small Business Administration definitions about annual revenue etc., we have a simpler methodology. 

A TenacIT Small Business client is one that has fewer than 15 full time employees.

A TenacIT Mid-Sized Business is one that has less than 400 employees.

Obviously we are capable of helping companies of all sizes, but our focus is helping companies and organizations that may not have an IT department or has a very small one that is in need of outside support.

We wish we could list every service that we offer in detail, but with technology advancing as rapidly as it does, we felt we were better off listing the main services and solutions.  And on the other side of that coin, sometimes we simply don’t offer that service and rely on partners to supply it.

A good example is cyber security.  There are companies who are defenders “Blue Team” of client systems and attackers “Red Team” of a clients systems.  We are a blue team company and have no interest in attacking our client’s networks and systems.

We know we will lose a little business to a company that has the right search engine term, but are hoping you give us a call and ask.

At the end of the day, we are here to help.  If that means helping a competitor with a difficult problem.  Cool.  If that means subcontracting a more local resource to provide some rapid hands on services.  Cool.  We don’t really care how we get the job done for our clients, so long as we get the job done and the client is happy.

Why TenacIT?

It is the inevitable question that everyone asks when evaluating a new vendor.  “Why XYZ company?”  You ask yourself this question.  You know your boss is going to ask you this question.  Even your employees are going to ask you this question. 

Having been on the “client side” of the table, we understand the default skepticism in what comes out a “Sales-Hole’s” mouth.  A  Sales-hole will always provide you with exactly what you want and will throw in the moon and stars as a gesture of “good will”.  TenacIT is a little different.

No pushy, Sales-Hole tactics

Each proposal contains a “Not to Exceed” price that is pre-approved prior to starting work. At TenacIT if we say we can do it, we will complete the task even if we lose money getting it done. Our employees know that we don’t quit till the job is completed correctly.

Up Front Honesty

We wish we could do everything for our clients, but IF there is a task that we can’t do, not only will we will tell you right up front so that we are not wasting your time our ours, but we will do what we can to help you source a reputable service provider that IS able to help. Even if they are a direct competitor to us.

Solutions not Band-Aides

While our competitors have keen interest in “band-aiding” the problem so you have to keep calling them back, we aim to correct the problem permanently so you actually want to call us back.

Transparent and fair Pricing

While we know we are going to lose money doing it, we are trying to drive down the cost of technology services for the clients we serve. So we offer what we feel is a fair and transparent prices and we are willing to show you how and why we charge what we do for every service and solution. If you find a better price, show us and we will do what we can to beat it. Sometimes we can…and sometimes other companies are just willing to accept a loss leader to earn future business. But don’t worry, we will be there when they jack their prices back up.

At the end of the day, there really is nothing we can say that will prove that we are not a company full of sock puppets. But, if you have read this far, perhaps you are willing to take one more minute and send us a quick note or just call us. We can discuss your needs and find out if TenacIT can actually help.

Thank You!

One of our Nerds will be contacting you soon.

Think through these questions before your call to help us recommend the right solution.

  • What do you need the solution to achieve?
  • What is your timeline for completion?
  • What is your budget?
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