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Technology for "Office Anywhere" Employees

Airports, client offices, coffee shops, home or wherever the action is.

Not every employee wants or needs to be in the office 8am-6pm. 

Having the technology solutions that allow you to keep up with employee productivity and help your remote workforce optimize their time is crucial.


Working From Home - Not Science Fiction Anymore

COVID-19 has been devastating on the people and businesses of the world.  But one of it’s many lessons learned is that, employees can actually work from home and still be productive.  I know it was popular belief that “if we let our employees work from home, they will just sit around, collecting paychecks, and nothing will actually get accomplished.”  OR “People working from home are less productive because of all the distractions.”

In the early months of 2020, the world was faced with an option, find a way for our people work from home effectively, or close our doors until the storm passes.  Nearly 2 years later, the companies that adapted have thrived and the rest, are still working on it with varying degrees of success.  TenacIT has first hand experience with remote working solutions.  Our employees ALL work remote and have since before the pandemic.  Our phone system is in the cloud.  Our file shares are in the cloud.  Some people work on Virtual Desktops located in other states, other have laptops, tablets, or a good quality cell phone.  The level of inventiveness, has saved us millions of dollars.  We don’t have to worry about or pay for:

  • A multi year office space contract
  • A multi year copier lease
  • Office furniture
  • Server rooms or server room equipment
  • Office wiring (or wifi)
  • Conference room furniture and technology
  • Kitchen furnishings and coffee services
  • Loss of profitability due to natural disasters
  • Loss of employment
  • Paper file storage
  • Cleaning services
  • After hours A/C
  • Parking
  • And of course the initial build out of the floor space.
We don’t enumerate all of these to brag, we do so to illustrate the efforts we took determining whether or not a dedicated office space was necessary.  For some companies, it is critical, or perhaps a side effect of the type of business you run.  I have to have this warehouse, so why not put some offices in it.  And we would never disagree with that.  All we are saying is there is an alternative. 
For those employees that you, the business managers, deem capable of working remote,TenacIT has the knowledge, tools and best practices to help make your companies transition a success.  There is a learning curve.  One can not just assume Jane is sitting in her office for you to just pop in and ask her a quick question.  There is a level of trust that must be in place and the understanding that NOT ALL WORK CAN BE ACCOMPLISHED FROM HOME and NOT ALL WORKERS WANT TO WORK FROM HOME.
Other than that, there is no excuse.  If your company would like to talk out your plans for remote work, or if you are experiencing some pain points with your current operations, give TenacIT a call.  One of our Nerds working in their pajamas will be happy to help.

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