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We are only as good as the people we hire.

It is said that a company is only as good as the people it hires, and at TenacIT, we only hire the best.  We are looking for those who have spent time in the trenches and come out sharpened by iron.  We want people fluent in Geek and English and most importantly, you have to like what you do. 

We are not looking for future managers.  We are looking for career Nerds to add to our Guild of Nerds.

Our Ideal Candidate

To understand what we are looking for in an ideal candidate, a candidate must understand that TenacIT is a services business and our clients are the only reason we exist.  That said we have some basic criteria that all candidates must meet:

  1. A commitment to client satisfaction.
    It does not matter how good we are, or how inexpensive we are.  If our clients don’t like us for any reason, they will simply go find someone they do like.  No clients, no revenue…no revenue, no employees.  So we expect all of our employees to treat our clients as though they are the reason our employees are able to provide for themselves and their families.  Cause…they are.
  2. An ability to communicate effectively.
    99% of the companies we provide services to are NOT technology companies.  They don’t care about the intricate details required to solve their particular problem.  They simply need someone who can communicate to them about the current status of repair in a language they understand.
  3. Safety 3rd I always say.
    It should go without saying, but we will anyways. Every action our employees commit to, should be thought through and carefully executed as though they are working to defuse a live bomb. Many of the systems that we work with are one of a kind and the costs of replacing them are incalculable.  That does not include the potential for loss of life or ecological disaster due to a miscalculation. We do not take this responsibility lightly.  Communication with our clients on what the solution will be and receiving their approval PRIOR to commencing work is required and at any point TenacIT employees have the right and the expectation to STOP work if they feel anything being done is unsafe. Safety first…Safety second…and Safety third.
  4. An ability to figure out a solution.
    We know better than to ask that a candidate “know everything”.  What we really look for are candidates that have an ability to figure things out and the tenacity to never stop until the problem is corrected permanently.
  5. An honest commitment to inclusion.
    At TenacIT, we DO NOT CARE if an employee, potential candidate or client is Black, White, Male, Female, Transitioning, Disabled or Purple Polka-Dotted Space Cadet.  Diversity, Equality and Inclusion are embedded into our culture and we will always embrace and nourish that.  TenacIT is a true EQUAL opportunity employer and the ONLY consideration is the quality of abilities that are brought to bear for our clients.

Interested in being a Nerd?

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Competitive Wages and Benefits

We provide employees with an industry-leading pay and benefits package.


We offer quality healthcare coverage for our team members.

Flexible Work Hours

We offer flexible hours and work from home options, when possible, to help employees achieve work-life balance.

Career Development Opportunities

We help team members reach their highest potential with learning programs.

Retirement Savings Programs

We offer retirement plans to help employees save for the future.

Paid Parental Leave

Family comes first at TenacIT and new families can take advantage of our generous parental leave benefits.

Safe Working Environment

Safety is a top priority across our company and facilities.

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