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Computers are computers and software is software ...EVERYWHERE

To TenacIT, IT really is the same for everyone

I know that some of our competitors are going to argue this point, but the only difference in technology across all industries is the specific software that is utilized.  A laptop for a lawyer is the same as an engineer.  Word docs and PowerPoint presentations are built using the same products.

So, before you decide that TenacIT doesn’t provide services to your specific industry, just keep in the back of your mind, TenacIT Nerds are not the day to day users of the software…we just make it all work for your actual users.

Industries We Serve

TenacIT is a technology company, a small business, a startup, and a software/network engineering group.  So needless to say, we understand that not every company can be pigeon holed into one industrial category.  We also know that unlike us, some companies prefer to hyper focus into just one and many won’t fall into any of the various categories we have outlined below.  Yet we don’t want that to dissuade you from reaching out.  If you need technical assistance, we are confident in our ability to help OR in our ability to help you find someone who can. 

At TenacIT, we don’t see our clients as an industry. The fact is, an engineer’s computer is the same as a file clerk’s, just a little more robust.  Our clients are all just people in need of a little computer help.  That may be over simplifying your individual problem, but if for some reason you don’t fall into one of the categories below we would still like to see if we can help.  At TenacIT we have a tenacious belief that talking should not cost a thing.  If your company is in need of a little IT help, feel free to contact us at any time. 

Who knows, maybe we can help.

From Autodesk to ZW3D and everything in between.  We assist architecture, construction and engineering firms improve operational efficiencies and work flows allowing your employees to make more efficient use of their time while improving your bottom line.  Even a 5% improvement in time efficiency can result in huge savings at the end of a project and we look for every way we know of to maximize your company’s profits.

Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Upstream, Midstream, Downstream, Chemicals, Power Generation, Transmission, Storage…all microcosms of our modern energy industry and TenacIT provides technology resources to all of them.  We provide SCADA system integration, IIoT consultations, redundant field communications, and many other solutions bringing decades worth of industry specific knowledge to your specific business.

Many physicians and healthcare providers are finding the challenges of COVID, difficult to navigate.  At TenacIT, we want the Doctors and Nurses who take care of us and our pets concentrating on just that.  You take care of us, let us take care of your technology.  TenacIT can help with your HIPAA compliant digital record keeping, virtual consultation solutions, and after-hours messaging services just to name a few of the solutions we can provide.  Not to mention your day to day help desk needs.

While we know most of our legal friends still enjoy the feel of paper and pen, we are doing what we can push the legal industry into a paperless office.  With OCR document conversion and scanning for LDD, secure digital file storage, virtual deposition solutions and many other technology solutions, TenacIT can help you run a more efficient practice.  Efficiency = improved profit.  Improved profit = happy lawyer…insert lawyer joke here.

OK, we know that most people are going to say “off-grid means no technology or IT, so what gives?”  But that couldn’t further from the truth.  Not everyone is going to walk into the woods with a loincloth and a knife.  Most people who want to live “Off-Grid” still want some of the creature comforts they are accustomed to.  If for no other reason other than that one extra safety net.  TenacIT can offer solar solutions, battery storage assistance, radio antennae setup, cellular boosters, automated security systems and most importantly, confidentiality.

Technology solutions in the real estate industry have progressed from putting a sign up in the front yard and hoping, to digital advertising and drone videos and TenacIT is able to help advance your real estate business further.  Need help with live virtual tours or incorporating new listings onto your custom website?  Let TenacIT help.

Have a custom installed media room that is not working the way you want?  Having a new home built and need some assistance designing a wireless networking solution?  Want unbiased advice on home security solutions?  Let TenacIT guide your next residential project.

Small businesses make up the majority of our TenacIT clients.  We provide technology support to individual consultants who need some “occasional” IT help to 10 person offices who need an IT team they can call without the cost of a full time employee.  For those businesses with less than 10 employees and under $1MM in annual revenue, TenacIT will keep your IT systems in top working order.  Software patches and firmware updates.  In-person or virtual help desk support.  VOIP phone systems.  Cyber security review and countermeasures.  TenacIT will make sure that IT is not something you have to worry about today.

Being a start-up ourselves, we know first hand the challenges that fledgling companies face.  If there is one thing we have learned, its that the things you don’t know are always the things that waste the most time and we all need help.  We are not accountants.  We hire accountants.  We are not lawyers.  We hire lawyers.  We are not even graphic designers…but you get the point.  If your start-up is in need of a technology resource, but doesn’t have the budget, give TenacIT a call and let’s see if we can help.  Start-up to Start-up, we all need help from time to time.

At TenacIT we are dedicated to helping those that help others in need.  As such, not only do we donate a portion of our time and resources to those 501(c)(3) organizations that need IT support, but we also help set up virtual fundraising events and find other technology solutions that benefit their objectives at little to no charge.  We do this to alleviate some of costs that would normally detract from their primary mission and we encourage our partners and competitors to do the same.

Thank You!

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