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A Roughneck goes into a hardware store.

The attendant asked what he needed and he told him he needed a wrench.

When asked what type of wrench, the Roughneck replied “It don’t matter. I’m going to use it for a hammer anyway!

Oh  COME ON…That was funny!

Oil and Gas - Converting Dinosaurs Into Energy

The holy grail for most oil and gas companies is KNOWING that they have an optimized operation. Companies want maximized production and marginalized or eliminated LOE / G&A costs. They want every facet of the organization running near 100% efficiency.
TenacIT provides end-to-end supply chain optimization services to the oil and gas industry. We collect raw data from disparate sources and convert it into usable information. That information is then presented as a near real-time interactive visualization.
TenacIT can provide you with:
  • A complete and holistic view of your operations
  • Highlighted efficiencies across the organization
  • KPIs and baseline deviation alarms
  • Cost benefit analysis for every dollar spent
  • Maximized profits
IT Support and Services - TenacIT

Upstream Asset Analytics

The objective of every upstream operator is to maximize production and asset uptime. Downtime costs money not only in the repair of the asset, but lost revenue as well. But is it better to pump oil at reduced margins or even at a loss just to keep production number high? TenacIT’s team of business analysts and report builders work with you to optimize your operations and answer the questions your organization has been asking. How can we:

  • Determine at what oil price does an individual well break even?
  • Explain production changes in near real time?
  • Efficiently manage wells through producing phases of flowing, gas lift, rod pump and shut in?
  • Monitor well integrity throughout the different producing stages?
  • Monitor field production flow lines and facilities throughout the different producing stages?
  • Efficiently operate field test and separation facilities, including fugitive emission containment?
  • Efficiently operate saltwater disposal facilities and distribution system?
  • Monitor and optimize saltwater disposal well capacity?
  • Monitor and optimize gas lift system?
  • Efficiently operate gas compression facilities?
  • Maximize learnings, improve efficiency and effectiveness of Drilling and Fracturing operations?
  • Monitor personnel alertness?

Asset Optimization - Just-In-Time Maintenance

Asset Optimization reports allow for just-in-time maintenance, scheduled on your time and when it is convenient for your operations rather than Run-to-Failure maintenance. Asset Optimization reports also allow you to tune your equipment so that it doesn’t run harder than it needs to, nor is is set to run out of spec.Using predictive analysis algorithms, we can help your organization better estimate when an asset is about to fail and pre-warn your teams so that they can start scheduling preventative maintenance before it fails. Better yet, we can help you determine the optimal settings for your equipment so that you are maximizing output.

Midstream Compliance Reporting

PHMSA, DOT, EPA, Texas RRC, etc., all require that certain reports be provided at regular intervals. If you find yourself creating these reports from scratch every month, then let Oilfield Analytics provide a better, faster and more accurate approach. The reports themselves rarely change from one year to the next, so why not have a system that automatically pulls the information required to output them automatically?

Midstream Control Room Analytics

TenacIT’s Control Room Analytics is a comprehensive suite of powerful, specialized tools and reports that promote compliance and can give you an edge with real-time data analysis. With TenacIT’s Control Room Analytics, your control room will have:

  • Real-Time Reporting
  • PHMSA Compliant reports
  • The ability to perform a Real-Time Workload Study
  • Trends and Alerts pertaining to Scheduling Violations
  • A Control Room specific Documentation Management system
  • Tools for Managing Alarms, Incidents, Documentation, MOCs, and Other CRM Data
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