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At TenacIT, we feel that the sharing of knowledge leads to the creation of ideas.  Ideas foster invention and new knowledge.

So why horde our knowledge.  It is not like people are not capable of understanding what we know.  We are just hopping, from a business perspective, that you have better things to do and want us to just “fix it”.  You know, convenience.


A resource page is a reference page where you can find out knowledge resources in our little technology niche, the things we recommend, and other educational or useful information that generates value for you, our readers. This page also includes links to relevant articles published on other websites that you recommend your community to check out.  Feel free to check in often as we will be making this page a centerpiece of our site and a location for you to gain insights into what new with technology.

If you would like us to list anything that yo  think would help people solve problems you may be already experienced, please feel free to contact us and lets us know.  We will happily post relevant information and give you full credit for your submission.

These are a series of questions that have been posed to by prospective clients or that we have posed to ourselves during this journey. And yes, if you still have a question, but do not see it posted we sincerely hope you will reach out.  We are always happy to answer any questions you may have.  Just try to keep them clean…or really funny.

Sick of hunting countless sites looking for the latest technology news? Us too, so we built our own collection.  Only relevant, published news about the latest in technology.  No fluff pieces or politics.

Information for those who are thirsty for knowledge.

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  • Products Worth Mentioning
  • Dictionary of Tech Terms

Informational page written in diary-style entries for those who are looking for a very biased point of view on technology topics. 

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