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If you have made it this far, great!  We’re glad you are taking some interest in TenacIT.  But, if you are on this page, that means you still have some questions about us that you haven’t been able to find the answers to.

Now before you become suspect of our Q&A section, let us be honest.  These are honest questions that have been posed to us by prospective clients and some we have posed to ourselves during this journey. And yes, if you still have a question, but do not see it posted we sincerely hope you will reach out.  We are always happy to answer any questions you may have.  Just try to keep them clean…or really funny.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)​

What does TenacIT charge?

It is the number one question for any business, so we posted it first.  For Small Businesses we offer a flat rate of $75/hour for general IT services.  These services include services like technical support and system maintenance for your entire company.  Details about our small business rates can be found on our Pricing Page.  For Mid-Sized Businesses we receive more project based or specialized requirements and so our pricing is based on the individuals required to complete the task.  Our transparent pricing list is available on our Pricing Page and we encourage you to review it and ask any questions.

What is up with the company name?

So the term tenacity is defined as the quality or fact of being very determined; the quality or fact of being able to grip something firmly; the quality or fact of continuing to exist.  Given the personality of our team we thought it was a highly appropriate name for our company.  Just meet or speak with one of us and you will understand what we mean. BUT, as is true with most companies these days, the domain name was already taken.  So we have a slight play on words.  We are TenacIT without the “y”.  Another way of saying that we are TenacIT with No Y……No Why…..Know Why, which became our tag line.

Where does TenacIT offer services?

TenacIT is Headquartered in Houston, Texas and our primary footprint is along the Gulf Coast region from Texas to Florida. We also provide services to clients in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia and Wyoming.  That said, we are willing to help anyone, anywhere. We can always provide quick assistance to most clients virtually and if necessary,  we may call in a local partner for issues that require immediate “hands on” services.  Still curious?  Give us a call. We will do what we can to help and it won’t cost you a thing to talk to us.  You can also check out a map that highlights our primary areas of operation and areas of future growth/interest.

Will TenacIT provide services even if I have my own IT team?

Absolutely. One of the things we do best is offload some of the burden your IT team has to deal with. We find most IT folks, have a full time work load, but still want things like sleep, a vacation, or a sick day now and then. That’s were we can step in and help.  We also provide specialized services that your IT team may not have in house. While they are undoubtedly skilled, not everyone can know everything.

Does TenacIT provide services to larger companies?

Yes and No. Our primary focus is on companies that do not have an IT department or has a very small one that may need specialized assistance for projects and after hours support.  That said, we are a business too and tuning down business, is the best way to go out of business. So yes, we are always willing to discuss your technology needs regardless of your company’s actual size.  Even if we can not directly help, we are willing to help you source a reputable service provider.

What is the definition of “Small and Mid-Sized Businesses”?

While there are some very specific Small Business Administration definitions about annual revenue etc., we have a simpler methodology. A TenacIT Small Business client is one that has fewer than 10-15 full time employees.  A TenacIT Mid-Sized Business is one that has less than 400 employees.  Obviously we are capable of helping companies of all sizes, but our focus is helping companies and organizations that may not have an IT department or has a very small one that is in need of occasional support.

I don’t see the service I need listed.

We wish we could list every service that we offer in detail, but with technology advancing as rapidly as it does, we felt we were better off listing the main services and solutions. But, on the other side of that coin, sometimes we simply don’t offer a particular service preferring to rely on our partners to supply it.  A good example is cyber security. There are companies who specialize in defending computer systems (Blue Team) and companies whose job is to try and break in to systems to determine their vulnerabilities (Red Team). We are a blue team company and have no interest in attacking our client’s networks and systems.  We know we will lose a little business to a company that has the right search engine term by not listing every single IT term that has ever been mentioned, but figure you just give us a call and ask.

Do you partner with other companies?

There is no ego at TenacIT.  We are confident in our abilities and we also know where to draw the line.  At the end of the day, we are here to help. If that means helping a competitor with a difficult problem. Cool. If that means subcontracting to a more local resource to provide some rapid hands on services. Cool. We don’t really care how we get the job done for our clients, so long as we get the job done correctly and the client is happy.

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