Special Tool and Tactics (STAT)

Providing support for special projects.

We complete the projects you don't have time to complete yourself.

If you don’t need to sleep, and you have nothing better to do, and your company doesn’t need it completed in the near future, then you don’t need us.  But if you have a special project that will consume resources you don’t have in house, give TenacIT a call and let us complete your special project.

We come in…We complete the project…We hand everything over to your team…We leave.  It’s pretty painless actually.

Special IT Project Services

Most IT departments are fairly lean operations.  They are a cost center for any business and they don’t generally generate any revenue to speak of.  They are groups of talented people stretched thin by the day-to-day operations.  But the business is always evolving.  The business will always have new needs. When those “Special Projects” come up, the last thing most leaders want to do is reallocate resources.

That is where TenacIT comes in.  We know that your staff is willing and able to start a new project.  But let’s be honest, if they were sitting around waiting to pick up a new project, they were already on the way out as NO IT Manager can afford to have their staff idle…looking for things to do.  TenacIT is a projects based business, where we literally have people that are looking for the next project.  Great part is, you are not paying for their idle time, nor are you going to have to go through a head hunter to find an experienced candidate. 

If you have a fixed time frame project, that requires experienced staff capable of hitting the ground running, then contact a TenacIT Nerd. Who knows maybe we can help.

Application Development

Staying on top of your company’s operations is necessary to continued success, and TenacIT’ customized Application Development Services can help your company develop applications and analytic reports that are not currently commercially available. TenacIT’ team of developers can create intuitive displays and interactive dashboards that simplify your data and provide comparisons, graphs, and charts in easy-to-read formats. TenacIT’ Application Development Services include:

  • Custom Application Development
  • Business Analysis and Intelligence Services
  • Enterprise Application Development
  • Custom Analytic Reports

Field Communications Support

Whether your field instrumentation is talking over VSAT, cellular, radio, or hardwired communication systems, getting the data to your SCADA system is imperative for adequate monitoring of your operations. TenacIT and its partners’ Field Communications Support Services assist with the installation, configuration, and maintenance of such systems for small and large assets. From upstream remote field instrumentation to downstream refineries and terminals, TenacIT’ Field Communication Support Services include:

  • Site Assessments
  • Hardware Replacement
  • Remote Systems Reconfiguration
  • Annual Maintenance
  • Proactive Maintenance & Monitoring
  • Point-to-Point Checkout

Documentation & Technical Writing

A large portion of our services include proper documentation. TenacIT’s technical writing specialists can assist your company in reviewing and preparing documentation for any situation that might come your way. We have worked with companies of all sizes in writing and evaluating documentation.

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