Office Transition Services

Moving staff from one location to another?

No desks, file cabinets, tables or boxes. Just the technology stuff please.

We trust moving companies to move file boxes, desks and other miscellaneous furniture, but not to take apart and reassemble Sally’s computer correctly.  Why not hire a company that has literally moved dozen of offices for dozens of companies across the US.

  • System Disassembly
  • Secure Transportation
  • System Reassembly
  • System Verification

Technology Moving Specialists

 We know you have a million things on your plate and the last thing anyone wants is the stress of moving office locations. So let TenacIT help you with your office move. While many commercial moving companies help move furniture and files from point A to point B, that’s where their capabilities end. Anyone who has moved can attest to the “Electronics Waiver” that you sign saying they are not responsible for any broken TVs.  At TenacIT, we use a different approach.  We coordinate with your moving company, and handle ALL of the technology equipment so that not only is everything handled correctly, but it is put back together the same way we found it.  Our experienced commercial moving experts paired with our vetted office moving services will reduce your business’ exposure to surprises before, during, and after your office move and ensure that you are back up and running as soon as possible.

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