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What's smaller than small? Try a Start-Up.

There is nothing more exciting and more nerve wracking than starting your own business. There are things about being a Start-Up that you didn’t even know you didn’t know. 

While there are 100 things that have to be learned, organized and completed all by yourself, don’t let IT be one of those things.  TenacIT is keenly aware of what a Start-Up needs and we will work with you to get your start-up going. 

TenacIT's IT Services for Start-ups

TenacIT’s IT services for start-ups helps fledgling companies rapidly build the reliable IT infrastructure they will need to collaborate, develop products and services, and attract customers while maintaining the highest level of cyber-security.  We provide the technology foundation that your company can grow from and help you get your company’s initial phase up to speed in no time flat.

TenacIT services for startups include:

  • Start-up IT consulting and technology roadmap.
  • Initial budgeting.
  • Construction of a virtual or physical network infrastructure for all your company’s data and communications needs.
  • IT Support resources for all users from the initial startup phase to a full-fledged operation with your own IT staff.
  • Continued vCIO Services
  • Sourcing of computers, software licenses, servers and file shares to get your users productive from day one.

A Closer Look​ at TenacIT's IT Services for Start-ups

"We are used to those 2am emails wondering if we "know a good graphics designer"...we do. Followed by the 4am email, wondering if we can call them to discuss an issue printing from their laptop. Followed by an email at 6am letting us know that they are going to bed and that we can call them at 8am to discuss....whatever.

We love watching our clients grow and being there with them as they grow. We love being their trusted advisor on all matters of technology. And we love the comfort our clients have calling us about anything, knowing we will do what we can to help them move forward."

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