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High tech home sales need a high tech resource.

The days of “For Sale” signs in front yards hoping someone will drive by and fall in love are long over.  These days and in this market, many home are sold before the digital listing is even put up let alone a sign in the yard. 

Today’s residential and commercial sales are centered around technology.  Drone video, virtual walk throughs and video conference are the sales tools of the day.  Those without, lose out.

Real Estate Services and Solutions

There are quite a few industries in the USA that have highly mobile, professional work forces, but not many are as mobile as the real estate industry. Yes, real estate agents typically have a primary office they can work from, but these days most agents work from the comfort of their car, a local coffee house, home, wherever their clients want to meet them and wherever there is an internet connection.
These highly mobile professionals all need the comforts of an office while still being able to go where the action is. It is a challenge to cram an office into a car, but with TenacIT’s help we can make your daily driver more than just a “functional” office. And we can make your office the place where your team is actually productive.
  • Conference Rooms
  • Mobile Offices
  • Reliable Internet
  • Mobile Scanning and Signature Capabilities
  • Tablet & Small Form Factor Laptops
  • Mobile Tech Support and Help Desk
  • Remote Office to Corporate Office Inter-Connectivity
  • Smart Lock Boxes
  • Laptop Vehicle Mounts
 For your primary office, TenacIT provides all of the same enterprise level services that our clients have come to rely on.
  • In Office or Remote Help Desk Support
  • Managed IT Services (MITS)
  • Data Analytics, and KPI Dashboards

TenacIT can even coordinate Commercial and Residential Photography Shoots if you need them.

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