Managed IT Support (MITS)

Taking care of the "behind the scenes" nerd stuff

System Patches, Firmware Updates, Application Upgrades

Our MITS team members are some of our behind the scenes specialists that keep your servers, laptops, routers, printers, etc running the way they are supposed to. From upgrades to the latest version of your favorite software to patching computers and servers. 

We track and manage the software you utilize and maintain a regular maintenance schedule that works with your company so that we are not interrupting your day to day operations.

IT Support Services

Information technology is intertwined into every department within a company, regardless of its size. A company’s IT needs can range from simple infrastructure and occasional maintenance to complex global operations with remote facilities requiring continuous monitoring and troubleshooting. Even companies with large-scale IT departments require expertise beyond the basics and their success is dependent on an end-to-end understanding of infrastructure and software and how technology can advance the needs of the business. TenacIT’ team of IT experts offer an extensive background in all aspects of IT, creating a full package of services for companies of all sizes. From the design and installation of critical infrastructure, optimization of existing systems and experience in cyber security, TenacIT can supplement or augment your current IT operations.

Server Administration

As the foundation of an IT department, server administrators are a company’s first line of support. Their role in managing servers plays into every piece of a business’s operations, including data storage and access, communication systems, security protocols, and issue resolution. TenacIT’ Server Administration Services apply in-house expertise to effectively manage your server infrastructure by maintaining data and application, integrating communication platforms, and ensuring systems are configured for efficiency. With our server administrators at the helm of your infrastructure, your organization will be ready for any technological challenge. Our Server Administration Services include:

  • System Architecture
  • System Integrations
  • Virtualization
  • Storage and Data Management
  • Cloud & Colocation
  • Datacenter Build-Out
  • Incident Remediation and Resolution
  • Server Upgrades and Migrations

Network Administration & Optimization

IT networks provide your company with technological agility by enhancing your infrastructure for optimized performance. By creating an extensive system for communication, local machines can be connected to remote locations for a continuous exchange of data. As part of such a powerful infrastructure, Network Administration is vital in the reliability of IT services, extending its reach well into the field and remote facilities. TenacIT’ Network Administration & Optimization Services can maximize your networking infrastructure with a tailored strategy for improved communication. TenacIT’ Network Administration & Optimization services include:

  • Staff Augmentation
  • Office Network Design
  • LAN/WAN Network Engineering
  • System Architecture
  • Field Communications
  • WAN Communication including VSAT, MPLS, and Common Carrier

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