Disaster Recovery Solutions

What Happens Now?

What needs to happen to get back to normal business operations.

Anyone who has has had to work from home after a hurricane or other natural disaster usually can’t wait to get back into the office.  But what needs to happen to ensure a successful transition back?

Disaster Recovery Plans define the office conditions and services needed for your company and the key employees and vendors required to get you back up and running.

Disaster Recovery

Even with the most well thought out Disaster Recovery Plan, at the end of any disaster, there is the inevitable cleanup.  Some businesses just hire a cleanup company to come in and start them off at ground zero.  No desks, no carpet, no computers, no electricity…you get the picture.  But in order to get back to normal business operations, you must know what your company needs to operate and, more importantly, the steps required to get there.  Remember, it will be rare that you are the only person calling around for services, after a disaster.
The quick answer we give our potential clients when they ask if we can help is, “we will do what we can.”  That is not intended to be a deflection, but a realistic expectation.  Some companies never return to normal.  Clients are lost, office spaces are condemned or destroyed, employees move on to find other work while you rebuild.  There are too many variables when determining what a successful recovery looks like and “success” has a great deal to do with PROPER PLANNING.
TenacIT’s Disaster Recovery Services, start way before any disaster.  While yes, we do occasionally jump into the middle of a traumatic environment to help, we usually find a frustrated and shocked client who is now wondering where to start.  So lets walk through what goes into a proper Disaster Recover Plan.

Disaster Recovery Plan

Before Disaster Recovery can even be considered, Business Continuity and more specifically a Business Continuity Plan, MUST be created.  A Business Continuity Plan is the bridge from Normal Operations – Though Disaster – and back to New Normal Operations.  Much of the stress that accompanies any disaster can be eliminated once you know your business is still functional.  Revenue is a huge burden that does not have to be carried around and it allows you and some of your team to concentrate on the recovery. It also gives you the financial means to execute much of the recovery.

Now many companies utilize a disaster to improve offices or replace old equipment, which is fine.  There is no reason to buy an old computer to replace the old computer that is now underwater.  BUT with proper planning evolutionary steps can be made to not just return to the status quo. 

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