Control Rooms & Operation Centers

Design, SCADA, Communications, Security

Control all of your assets from one location.

Control centers for critical infrastructure, manufacturing or any dispersed automated assets are a foundational department for any business. TenacIT can consult and advise you on your next Control Center using our years of experience across the country.

  • Security Operations Centers
  • Upstream Asset Control Centers
  • Midstream Operational Control Centers
  • Logistics / Fleet Operations Centers
  • Emergency Operations Centers
  • Network Operations Centers
  • Advanced Conference / Situation Rooms

Control Center Design & Consulting Services

Control Centers are the headquarters for operations, where data comes in, commands go out, and security is of the utmost importance. For those companies whose operations warrant their own control center, Oilfield Analytics Control Center Design & Engineering Services can provide the first-hand experience needed to design and engineer a new Control Center. Oilfield Analytics can also assist with upgrading existing Control Centers for those companies whose operations are outgrowing their original expectations. With an emphasis on compliance and mitigation of fatigue, our Control Center Design & Engineering Services range from enhancing existing features to meet compliance requirements to full development of a new space to include work spaces that integrate ergonomic designs, hazard response, and security measures to protect your workforce.

  • UPS & Generator Backup Solutions
  • HVAC Design
  • Fire Suppression
  • Security
  • Lighting
  • Noise Reduction
  • Ergonomics

Upstream Asset Control Centers

The Upstream oil and gas industry has come a long way in the last 10-20 years.  From writing down production metrics and faxing them back to the main office, to fully automated, self calibrating oil fields.  It has been a long time coming and for those of us who have worked in the industry all that time, as we have been witness to the technological revolution.  And yet there is still more than can be accomplished.  Modern field instrumentation and controls allow for real time diagnostics and preemptive well control that may be hundreds or even thousands of miles away. 

TenacIT Upstream oil and gas Nerds can to:

  • Optimize Well Production
  • Manage Tank Inventory
  • Control and Manager Injection
  • Control Surface Assets
  • Manager Well Testing
  • or Control all of your assets globally from one location.

Midstream Operational Control Centers

Midstream oil and gas companies have long been a proponent of SCADA systems and control rooms.  Monitoring and managing thousands of miles of pipeline by visual inspection is nearly impossible.  The potential risk of a large scale ecological disaster or the potential loss of life is far too great.  SCADA systems and centralized control centers are the backbone of every midstream oil and gas company.  That said new technologies, improved or green field assets dictate continuous updates and TenacIT oil and gas Nerds can help. 

There really is no need these days to have a dedicated team of onsite SCADA engineers.  System Integrators like TenacIT can help you:

  • Patch your SCADA Systems
  • Protect your SCADA Systems from Cyber Attack
  • Offload your SCADA system from On-premise to Cloud or Hybrid Cloud Solutions
  • Create Alarm Dashboards and Reports
  • Prepare for PHMSA or State Regulator Audits
  • Add to and Modify HMI Screens for High Efficiency
  • Provide Point to Point Testing
  • And More

Security Operations Centers

Modern Security Operations Centers are not “security booths” full of closed circuit camera displays and a sleepy security guard like you see in the movies.  They are access control hubs.  They are repositories of data regarding the whereabouts of people, assets, and building facilities.  They are…rooms full of camera displays…BUT no sleepy guard.  Guards have the ability to control everything from their phones now.  For those businesses who need to monitor the goings on of their business, there is nothing that can replace a true Security Operations Center.

  • Elevator Control
  • Building HVAC and Lighting Control
  • Access and Door Control
  • Thermal/IR/Day/Night Camera Systems
  • Remote Monitoring

Logistics / Fleet Operations Centers

Looking for a solution that allows you to not only track, but see in real-time you entire fleet all from one screen?  TenacIT Logistics Nerds can help your company maintain insights into where your assets are.  Tag and monitor all of your assets so that you know where your money is sitting.

  • Trucks Monitoring
  • Asset Tracking
  • Ship Locations
  • Employee Tracking
  • Container Tracking

Emergency Operations Centers

An Emergency Operations Center is typically reserved for government organizations tasked with the welfare of citizens during and after a disaster, but that is not the only use.  Mobile EOCs can serve as incredible test or training facilities.  If your business involves working in or around less than desirable locations, then an EOC may be the central HUB of your business.  If your business simply revolves around natural disasters, then an EOC is your business. 

  • Mobile Command Centers
  • Static Command Centers
  • Multi-Thread Communication Platforms
  • Mobile Emergency Data Centers

Network Operations Centers

The Network Operations Center (NOC) is equivalent to the central nervous system of the body.  It monitors and controls all aspects of a data center or large IT infrastructure.  It can display real-time weather, local news, digital threats, HVAC status, power consumption trends, firewall activity reports and anything else that can be thought of to make your data center operate near 100% efficiency.  Custom consoles for your Technicians, wall status screens, and ambient alerts are just some of the capabilities TenacIT can bring to your NOC.

Advanced Conference / Situation Rooms

Most people will think of the White House when they hear the term”Situation Room”, but really it is nothing more than a Digital Conference Room which has been purpose built to give stakeholders finger tip access to relevant information.  In many conference rooms there may be a screen or two for presentations and visualizations.  An Advanced Conference Room or Situation Room, digital walls present continuous access to real-time data streams so that you can see your entire business at-a-glance. From raw material inputs to sales figures and deliverables and everything in between.  TenacIT will work with you and your business units to create the ultimate graphical representation of our business.

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