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Being a TX based company we are deep in the heart of…Energy.  At TenacIT, one of our foundational principles is inclusion…so we do our best to include every energy industry. Oil and Gas, Renewables, Power Generation, Gathering/Transmission, and the vast energy services sector that accompany them all.

OK, so you won’t see nuclear on the list below, but seriously, if the nuclear industry is calling US, we are moving.


TenacIT Energy Industries

We are not going to get into the politics of renewables vs fossil fuels here.  It is not our place to decide the future of these industries and this is not the venue for such a complex discussion.  What we will say is that TenacIT is committed to doing whatever it can to ensure American energy independence, reduce the environmental impact of ALL energy sources and improve the top and bottom lines for our clients.  We know…We want to have our cake and eat it too.  But we sincerely think this is achievable.  If we can help our clients improve their operational efficiencies and guide the technological improvements to their operations, we can make this world a cleaner and energy rich place.

Whether your company produces ethanol from lignocellulosic biomass, jet fuel from palm oil or biodiesel from sugar beets, TenacIT wants to do its part to help make our world a better place.  We don’t want your organization suffering from operational inefficiencies nor do we want you paying more for technology services than is absolutely necessary. 

If you need:

  • SCADA and Engineering Solutions
  • Back Office Technology Services
  • Facility Instrumentation and PLC Services
  • Advanced Reporting Services
  • Feed Stock Inventory Solutions
  • Or any other pain point alleviated by technology

We know that modern hydroelectric facilities are a master class in engineering and we don’t attest to being hydroelectric engineers. Just like Hydro engineers shouldn’t attest to being IT guys. So why are we even mentioning that we can help companies in the hydroelectric industry? Because at some point:

  • SCADA systems will need to be modified, patched and secured
  • Instrumentation and DCS systems will need replacing
  • SCADA Hardware and Control Rooms consoles will get old a need to be upgraded
  • Back office applications will need updates and replacement
  • Operational efficiencies will need a technology solution
  • Real-time dashboard/reports will need to be generated
  • Your company will want to find ways to make more money from the same operation
  • You’re gong to want that pain point addressed
  • Your IT department is going to need an extra set of competent hands

With more than 20 years in the Upstream, Midstream, Downstream and, Chemicals industry, we have seen just about everything.  From faxing daily production reports to automated drone leak detection.

TenacIT provides end-to-end supply chain optimization services to the oil and gas industry. We collect raw data from disparate sources and convert it into usable information. That information is then presented as a near real-time interactive visualization.
TenacIT can provide you with:
  • A complete and holistic view of your operations
  • Highlighted efficiencies across the organization
  • KPIs and baseline deviation alarms
  • Cost benefit analysis for every dollar spent
  • Maximized profits
Upstream | Midstream | Down Stream | Chemicals

We are guessing you are here for one of a number of reasons.

  • You want a single interface for managing and monitoring your solar array
  • Your SCADA system needs to be modified, patched and/or secured
  • The field instrumentation and PLC systems will need some work
  • Your SCADA Hardware and Control Rooms consoles need to be upgraded
  • You have back office applications that need updates or replacement
  • You are hoping that we can help make some serious operational efficiencies
  • You need real-time dashboard/reports so you don’t have to ask for another spreadsheet
  • Your company wants to find ways to make more money from the same old sun
  • Your IT department is going to need an extra set of competent hands
  • You want that pain point addressed

We don’t like heights.  In fact we prefer not only to be on the ground, but buried in a a dark basement.  But even from there, we can help your company:

  • Create a single interface for managing and monitoring your wind farm
  • Modify, patch and/or secure you SCADA and IT environments
  • Work on field instrumentation and PLC systems (on the ground)
  • Upgrade or replace your SCADA Hardware and Control Rooms consoles
  • Manage, update or replace your back office applications
  • Produce real-time dashboard/reports…No more emailed spreadsheet
  • Find ways to make more money from the wind

Honestly we just added this section hoping someone from Iceland was in need of some technology support.  Seriously.  NO…Seriously.  If you guys up there need I any kind of technology assistance, we would love to help.  You pay for the travel expenses, we’ll be more than happy to fix the problem when we get there.

OK…if anyone else needs technology help, we’ll help you out too.  Just give us a call.

Thank You!

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Think through these questions before your call to help us recommend the right solution.

  • What do you need the solution to achieve?
  • What is your timeline for completion?
  • What is your budget?
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