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Don't see what you are looking for?

While we wish we had an opportunity with your name on it, we understand that you are probably interested in something a little different.

If that’s the case, but you are still interested in TenacIT, please submit your resume and tell us a little about what your dream job is…who knows, maybe we can help you find it.

If you are seeing this page, then Congratulations! You submitted your application successfully.

If you are anything like us, you get really irritated when you don’t hear anything from a company that you submitted your resume to?  So here is what happens at TenacIT.

  1. Your resume, and accompanying information, has just arrived at our Human Resources department. 
  2. Dorthy, who is playing video games, heard the “Ding” letting her know she has a new message.
  3. In a minute or two, Dorthy will pause her game and open the message.
  4. She will give it a quick glance to make sure you are not a professional scuba diver looking for a job as professional circus clown…we don’t do that kind of work.  She is also going to look you up online and create a simple application file for us.
  5. After the review (about 24 hours), she is going to do one of three things:
    1. She is going forward your application file onto the appropriate Manager. (That’s Good)
    2. OR…She is going to email you, letting you know why she has not forwarded your resume along. (Not so good, but at least you know whats going on.)
    3. OR…Forward your resume to multiple car warranty telemarketing companies, because you sent her something inappropriate and she doesn’t appreciate that.
  6. If your resume went to the Hiring Manager, please be patient.  They WILL get back with you in a few days.
  7. If it has been more than a few (3-5) business days, feel free to call us and ask for Dorothy.  She will direct you accordingly.

Thank You!

One of our Nerds will be contacting you soon.

Think through these questions before your call to help us recommend the right solution.

  • What do you need the solution to achieve?
  • What is your timeline for completion?
  • What is your budget?
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